Summer 2009  
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With VMware in San Francisco.

Date: 2009:07:03 - 2009:10:05

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VMFS Group, 2
VMware 21 photos
2009:07:06 - 2009:09:25
Goldgen Gate Bridge
Dad's San Francisco Visit 41 photos
2009:09:19 - 2009:09:20

Loaded for LA -> Mountain View
S  M  L  F
Unpacking Friends
S  M  L  F
4th of July with Andrew and Allison
S  M  L  F
BART Map from the Future
S  M  L  F
Miracle Fruit Spread
S  M  L  F
LUG Dim Sum
S  M  L  F
Loaded for Mountain View -> LA
S  M  L  F