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Photos from 2012 and later  

Birthday dinner
Europe and first year at Google  

Listening at my defense
School 2010
Seventh year at UCLA  
Mike and Christina with the TERTL Turtles
School 2009-2010
Sixth year at UCLA  
Family June Birthdays
Summer 2010
BPFS research in LA  
Board Game Night
School 2008-2009
Fifth year at UCLA  
VMFS Group
Summer 2009
With VMware in San Francisco  
Featherstitch Group
School 2007-2008
Fourth year at UCLA  
Hampton, Mom, and Me in Jones Valley
Summer 2008
At home and with MSR in Seattle  
School 2006-2007
Third year at UCLA  
Eddie's birthday surprise
Summer 2007
Featherstitch research in LA  
SOSP; Mike, Steve, and Me Tubing
School 2005-2006
Second year at UCLA  
Kudos summer
Summer 2006
Featherstitch research in LA  
My Room, as seen off of a metal sphere
School 2004-2005
First year at UCLA  
Gangsta Nooglers
Summer 2005
With Google in San Francisco  

Joe, Chu, and Me
School 2003-2004
Fourth year at UVa  
On the Ferry 1
Summer 2004
At home and with Appian in DC  
School 2002-2003
Third year at UVa  
Han, Jim, and me hiking in The Thousand Year Old Forest
Summer 2003
With Microsoft in Seattle  
The UVa Teams
School 2001-2002
Second year at UVa  
Post-School Lakeparty
Summer 2002
At home and with MIT  
Theta Tau Picnic
School 2000-2001
First year at UVa  
Summer 2001
With Dynetics in Huntsville  

Studying the Course
High School

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