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A shot of the four of us UROPs who worked in this office (NE43-424) (we had two others, in the room to the left, NE43-423). I worked in the far back left corner :)
From left to right, top to bottom we have:
Attila: working on his masters, he, Catie, and I worked together. He's from Hungary, has quite an accent, is funny, and is doing his masters on speech recognition.
Lauren: worked with Jason (not in this picture) on repairing systems. An upcoming sophmore in course six-three. Good friends with Josh.
Josh: worked on analyzing synchronization algorithms, upcoming sophmore in math and course six (maybe). Awesome guy to talk to.
Catie: worked with Attila and me, a course six-twoer. Quiet at times, but loves collecting stickers, reading, and making jokes.
Radhika: the "experienced one in the group", a postdoc (she earned her phd in the spring of this year). Kind of lead us as a whole, worked closely with Josh, Lauren, and Jason.

not in this picture:
Jason: worked with Lauren, interesting and cool guy to talk with, upcoming course six senior.
Mira: here at odd times, sings, worked on scheme-utils and some work with biology and game theory to look at seed-type choosing. Another upcoming course six senior.
Jacob: grad student who worked with Josh on sync, officed with Attila.
Jerry [Sussman]: he and Hal lead our group, Project MAC. Fun-loving guy who knows a lot about most everything computing, electronics, biology, and math related.

On the right of the wall is our whiteboard, always full of fun workings and acronymn expansions for UROPs. And closer to the door on that wall, the UROP Library (about twenty dover thift editions we bought using a gift certificate no one would claim :)).
In the back is a window, but it looks out at the new building being constructed, with the occasional indoor-crane holding a workman :)

Date: 2002:08
Location: Project MAC, NE43-424, the floor separating MIT's LCS and AI Lab
People: Josh Grochow, Catie Chang, Radhika Nagpal, Attila Kondacs, Lauren Clement, and Chris Frost
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