STS-125 Space Shuttle Launch  
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Our family trip to see the launch of STS-125, the final shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Dad has been involved with the mission's safety for the last couple years.

The day before the launch, we toured the buildings that prepare all space station components for launch (ISSPF) and that mate the space shuttle (and fourth largest building in the world, VAB), and then visited the launchpad of STS-125. On the second day, the launch! And we watched it from just three miles away. After the shuttle launched on schedule, we used our launch buffer days to see Universal Studios, tour the Catalina sailboat factory, and spend a short while at Disney World.

More shuttle coverage: NASA, Wikipedia, and The Big Picture.

Date: 2009:05:09 - 2009:05:14

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Mom and Dad
Day 0 14 photos
Enjoying the beach  
Shuttle Bay Cargo Container
Day 1: ISS Processing Facility 19 photos
Where all space station components are prepared for launch  
Saturn V Stage 2 Engines
Day 1: Saturn V Center 13 photos
A real, and huge, Saturn V  
Looking Up
Day 1: VAB 39 photos
The Vehicle Assembly Building  
Shuttle Launch Experience: Briefing
Day 1: Visitor Complex 14 photos
The Shuttle Launch Experience ride and STS-125 exhibit  
Family and Shuttle Atlantis
Day 1: Launchpad 24 photos
Visiting the shuttle launchpad  
Shuttle Training Aircraft
Day 1: Out the Window 5 photos
Sights that we only got to see in passing  
Shuttle Launch
Day 2: Shuttle Launch 113 photos, 1 sub-album
The Launch!  
The VAB and MCC from LC-39A
NASA 15 photos
2008:02:28 - 2009:05:17
Photographs from NASA  
Family at the Universal Globe
Day 3: Universal Studios 6 photos
Mom, Me, and a Wall of Legos
Day 4: Disney World 7 photos